Coffee, Chocolate and Earthly Jewels

Some boutique markets were on today, as well as a Coffee and Chocolate Affair. Being the stereotypical fatty, I was there faster than you could say “Free!” And so was everyone else. Packed to the MAX. I was absolutely not lining up for free Lindt chocolate and Merlo coffee, so I went and paid for a $2 coffee at a cafe and bought some cinnamon, clove and nutmeg dark chocolate for $1.50. After I ate enough chocolate and drank enough coffee to be rolled outta there, I stopped by the markets. And picked up the above necklace from Earthly Jewels ( I find it pretty fancy.



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  • Geogrrl

    That is a great necklace! I am in serious envy here.

  • 1Sonya1

    Thank you! I rather love it and look forward to wearing it!

  • Geogrrl

    I'm ordering a necklace from Earthly Jewels. Julie says to say thanks for showing the necklace on your blog.

  • 1Sonya1

    Oh yay! No worries. :D

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