Even a man can fat it all over the place and look fancy

Axis of Fat is an idea of my wife. It’s something that Natalie and some of her some of her friends thought was a good idea – a place to blog about being fancy in the world while being fat. Fat and fancy is possible, and I’m sure you will hear them talk all about it.

I’m sure there will be a lot of talk of fashions and styling, where to find good clothes, stores that look after fat people instead of treating us like leapers. So why am I here, blogging on Axis of Fat? It doesn’t seme a very manly thing to do?

I think fat men of Australia, and the WORLDDDDDDDD need a voice. We need good clothes, not the dodgy off-cuts that are thrown to us by Lowes and Lowes. Why should I be grateful to find a pair of pants that fit when they make me look hideous?  I also think there are many fat men out there who, despite seeming very jovial and laughing off the jibes from their “mates”, are feeling lost and alone in a world where thin is beautiful and considered normal.

I’ve been through depression, the name calling, the school yard taunts, the art of hiding what I eat from people because of the shame. I’ve lived for years and years doubting that I’m a decent person because I’m fat. I’ve wondered, “Why me?” and tried all of the diets that I could get my hands on. I’ve had “caring and thoughtful” family members, friends, work colleagues, internet folk, doctors and people I don’t even know suggest that I need to lose a “little” weight.

No wonder I felt alone.

I exercise when I can (heck, who’s ever perfect on that score) and I eat the best food I can find for my mouth. I eat when I want, what I want, when my body tells me to have it. I don’t sit down to a tub of lard and think, “oh boy, I’m going to put on 10 kilos today so that I can have society taunt me”. I think, “I’m hungry and I feel like a Caesar Salad today” or “Darn, I’m late for work – Macca’s will just have to do”.

If I can let one man know that being fat does not mean you are worthless; that being a kind human being is more important than being a particular shape; that health is possible at EVERY AND ANY size; that being yourself and just going out there and doing whatever it is you want is your RIGHT, not your DREAM, then I’ve done something good.

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  • definatalie

    I'm glad that we have a male voice in the fat-o-sphere – you guys are pretty under-represented!

  • Nicholas Perkins

    Thanks! Hopefully I won't be the lone male voice forever!

  • definatalie

    I don't think you're the lone male voice by any means – I do remember one other blogger from a few years ago, but I think he closed his blog.

  • Frances

    “and the WORLDDDDDDDD”

    Is that a reference to a dramatic reading of a REAL break-up letter from a REAL person?

  • Nicholas Perkins

    I'm so glad someone got it!

  • Frances

    I found it through Nat's tumblr! “GUESS WHAT BASTERT”

  • bri_fatlotofgood

    Awesome to hear a male voice! My husband is a tall, broad, fat man and I think he is a hunk of spunk. He is pretty confident but he still refuses to believe that women (and men for that matter) find him attractive. I know they do because they tell me all the time! lol. He loves to wear clothes in styles that arent readily available to big men (particularly in Australia). He likes bowling shirts, zoot suits, bright colored business shirts etc. And he carries them off with style. Even I, as a fat woman, seem to have more clothing choices than he does and that is a sad thing to realise when you think about the lack of fat women's clothing choices! Anyway, hope to hear more from you in the future!

  • Nicholas Perkins

    This is a major frustration that I have. Natalie has so little to choose from, but then I have even LESS to choose from. At least if I go to one of the 'Big Man' stores I can get working clothes, but I want to be stylish 24/7, not 9 – 5.

    I'm going to have to start looking on the internet for some decent styling clothes to purchase and see what I can do about it. It's either that, or mope and not do anything.

  • William

    Hi Nick

    I have this place less than 5 miles from my house, but look at the prices!!!!!!!

    From their prices you can see that would be shopping with the stereotypical “Rich Fat Cats” :)


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