Brisbane Vintage Fair

Last night, myself, Zoe and various other people went to the Brisbane Vintage Fair ( . Two floors worth of wonderful vintage treasures, waiting for people to scour the racks and find a pre-loved item to love.

For plus sizes though? Not a lot.

There were the usual mumus (I guess from the 70s caftan hippy-esque trends?) but not really all that much else. And vintage sizing is much smaller than modern sizing, so my regular size was not my vintage size. Still, some of us managed to find some lovelies in amongst the mumus (and hell, even some of the mumus had really pretty prints). I snagged a handmade kelly green maxi dress, our friend Kiki grabbed some awesome waist belts and Zoe scored a dress and a really cool brooch.

Speaking of, lots of gorgeous accessories. A tapestry clutch with wooden handles for $25, and a pair of brown snakeskin brogues in MINT condition AND in my size for $85 would have been mine if not for the budget and the already purchased dress.

The fair finishes today, and is on from 8-3 pm at the Souths Rugby Clubhouse, Davies Park Cnr Montague Rd & Jane St, West End.

ETA: Dress pic

[img_assist|nid=106|title=Vintage Maxi|desc=|link=none|align=center|width=336|height=448]



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  • definatalie

    I would loooove to see photos of your items!

  • 1Sonya1

    I'm gonna wear it tomorrow, so I'll take a pic & edit then!!

  • 1Sonya1

    Photo up!!

  • definatalie

    That's gorgeous!!!! You look like a Grecian goddess.

  • 1Sonya1

    Thank you! It's so very cool. I'm totally gonna live in it all summer.

  • Kate F

    Ah, it seems like you snapped up the one good bargain then ;-) Watch yourself, I may well mug you for that dress come Summer.

    I was going to head over there and purchase a little item for an upcoming “Vintage” morning tea I've been invited to. But then I managed to score a black lace jacket and dress combo (with short sleeves, perfect for Bris-Vegas summers) for the princely sum of $55.00 total.

    The hips on my new dress measure 54 inches !!! (137cm in new money)!!!

    When it arrives I will photograph myself and post it somewhere so we can all admire REAL plus size vintage.

  • onenightstanzas

    Hey sweets — as a plus size lady and a vintage clothing lover/seller myself, I say… get thee to Etsy! Like many vintage stores, you sometimes need to really rummage hard to find plus-sized clothing that's a) decent and b) decently priced (people who mark items up BECAUSE they're “rare plus-sized!!!” = ack!), but there is amazing stuff on there… and it's less of a lottery than second hand clothing fairs (which tend to have a high ratio of tat) and vintage stores (which tend to have a high ratio of TINY WAISTED THINGS).

    My personal Etsy household is — AoF should rec some plus-sized Etsy clothing outlets, if anyone has the time to research and find 'em. I'd love to hear your recs and see your finds!

    :) Claire

  • 1Sonya1

    I'll sleep with one eye open!

    Definitely take a photo and post it. It sounds lovely!

  • 1Sonya1

    I get so overwhelmed with Etsy, but I do want to set aside some time and have a look through. Thanks for the rec!!

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