Greetings television viewers

Hello, welcome Today Tonight viewers! We hope that you enjoyed tonight’s story on the show, and extend a warm welcome if you find yourself sized out of straight sized fashion. You’re not alone!

If you are keen to connect with Australians who are interested in size acceptance and fat activism, please leave a comment! We have a whole heap of posts on the site since starting it a few months ago, so have a browse so you can bring yourself up to speed.

Here at Axis of Fat, we do not tolerate hate speak and fat bashing. If you are tempted to do so anyway, please leave a comment so we can delete it and block your IP address. Fat people put up with this hurtful and unproductive discrimination on a daily basis, and this is a most ineffective method of delivering your nastiness.


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  • Megan

    Have you read this?

    It’s totally inapproprite!!!! I can’t believe they can right stuf like that!!!

  • sepiatonedlovin

    I love AoF & your amazing way with words Natalie. x

  • definatalie

    Nick ran in and said “Natalie! Someone commented with something positive!”

    (We've been snuffing out trolls for the last hour since the show aired, haha!)

  • A TV Watcher

    Oh, have there really been that many trolls? Unbelievable!!!!
    I was so impressed to see the story, well done Nick.

  • Jock

    Saw your link from Today Tonight, love the website and you came across really well on TV.

    It is great to not feel so alone, I knew that there were others that felt the same way as me, and now I have found you!

    PS> thanks for the special welcome too

    Jock (Gold Coast)

  • Eliana M-Hockley

    Well done to today tonight for airing a story on the real warm hearted people that carry the extra kilos. There is many reasons why we all have extra kilos, but we still are pople who have feelings and love to look great. I learned to look at a style – explore various fabrics colours and prints and make the garment. It much cheaper I have found. The sad part is that our textiles industry is dieing out and the skills are getting lost. Lets bring the real Australian size clothing back to australian made clothes. If anyone is intrested in starting an Australian large size exchange of clothing or would like to learn to design and making clothing for the bigger person please express your intrest on this website I live in Adelaide.

  • Maliss

    Hate how the haters have to always come out to play when something good happens.

    Keep up the good work; I'm so glad I've found this place.

  • fatwallet

    Loved the story and love that someone out there is pointing out the discrimination.

    It is not just clothing though, all kinds of shop assistants ignore fat people because they have the perception that we are fat, dumb, and poor.

    Example : I went to Myers Frankston to buy a DVD recorder and was unable to get help from the salesman working there. I waited at his desk, he ignored me. I approched him and asked for help, he told me to wait at his desk. When the saleman ignored me so he could approched someone who just came up the escolator I left.
    I went to JB HiFi in Frankston where the sales person was happy to sell me a new DVD Recorder and a new flatscreen TV to match. That was 2 years ago, and about $5000 worth of DVD sales too, all of which went to JB HiFi instead of Myers.

  • violetrosetempleknight

    There are also other issues as well within the industry…. I know for a fact that the buyers for City Chic are size 8 and the designer for Autograph is a size 8. Both of these line have SOME nive items but more often than not, I am walking out of the store with nothing as the designs and fabric choices are ridiculous. Why dress a plus person in 100% synthetic fabric for the middle of summer???? Patterns make a plus woman look like a circus tent and the design is not much better. Maybe some of these so called 'designers' should spend some time with plus sized people to find out what we are after. OK, some designers go to a size 20, but how about some of us that are over a 20? We really get the rough end of the pineapple when it comes to fashion!

    No wonder I make my own clothes, there really is bugger all out there except for elastic waistbands and brightly coloured muu muus. Fweeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Not.

  • fatwallet


    Fleecy tracksuit pants and a t-shirt that shrinks 2 sizes the first time you wash it are the only things I can find in mainstream shops like Target. I don't know where they get off calling their larger product line MrBig. It should be called MrShrink because that is what it will do on the first wash. A t-shirt that is the right size 7*XL will be 2 sizes smaller and unwearable after a wash! No wonder they don't show that advertising on TV anymore where they say their products are tested for shrinking etc.

    Perhaps someone can post a list of places that do stock clothing? Especialy for summer. It would be nice to be able to leave the house in the warmer weather instead of hiding inside because track suit pants are too hot for the street.

  • mscate

    oh totally! This is exactly the problem I have-upsized clothing doesn't mean well fitting or fashionable!

  • mscate

    Yes, I thought it was really well done…i tend to buy most of my clothing online…

  • violetrosetempleknight

    Oh!! Let me start…

    Target: USED to have some half descent clothing, have now gone back to brightly coloured shapeless tents along with shirt/vest in one (HELL NO!!). The last time I tried on a pair of jeans there I would have been fine if I were 4ft tall! They were hip hugging low rise jeans… has anyone told Target that most plus women can't wear these style of jeans? Again, 100% synthetic fabrics for summer whilst the smaller 'standard' sizing gets 100% cotton. Used to have the odd piece of really nice sleepwear/lingerie – haven't seen it in years. Yay for nanna nighties – NOT.

    K-Mart: Almost as bad as above in design selection, at least the jeans fit. What is it with putting the plus sizing in the furthest corner from the door, poorly lit with ripped carpet?? Swimwear is a joke – yay, bright fluoro orange on a size 26 butt! Smart one K-Mart!

    David Jones: ROTFPML Grossly overpriced and there is a very small selection of mainly 3/4 pants and striped t-shirts. I think I'll just shoot myself now!

    Myers: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Taking Shape: I like clothing that are a little left field, but this is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay left and way overpriced. Sorry, but a lot of these pieces look like they were designed by a drunken monkey on speed. They used to have some great designs, but that time has long gone.

    Big W: Read above, at least they have some half descent sleepwear that isn't a nanna nightie.

    Autograph (old 1626): Used to be good but have slipped into the polyester summer line with prints that look like someone has just done a technicolour yawn on it. Very few selective pieces ever catch my eye now. Occassionally have some half descent sleepwear. Starting to get a little nanna-ish for me. Also, the designer is a size 8… speaks enough voloumes for me – clueless on what a plus size wants and needs!

    City Chic: Great styles, shops are far to few and far between, pity they only go to a 24, some of the styles are a little on the slutty side and really not suitable for big girls. The buyers are size 8's apparently – says volumes again too.

    Mens: all stores are crap – yep, trackies and t-shirts, doesn't really make one feel part of society. There are plus sized mens stores out there, just hard to find. I know there is one near Parramatta (used to be in Parramatta) that was quite good and really catered for everything for the plus man.

    Lingerie: non existent! As for places like Big Girls Don't Cry, Debras, More Than a Handful…. they cater for largers breasts but nothing for broader backs. Wear a 22DD? Bugger you! You have to wear Russian military hardwear that lifts, separates, sends your breasts in opposite directions of the compass and on high alert for attack. Or, we are forced to minimizer bras…. sorry, I have a cleavage and I know how to use it. I wasnt push up bras that plunge in sultry colours along with some great styled and coloured everyday. As for the rest of the frillies… they are imports only. Stockings and pantyhose are hard to find, suspenders don't exist, corsets (just forget it) and sexy nightwear… import or more super wide straps – what the!!??

    Evening Wear: nada! Myers maybe but some of those designs have a lot to be desired. How many dressy pants and floaty chiffon sequinned tops and camis can you cram into one section??

    Boots: nothing exists in Australia for wider calves. Best options are expensive imports especially from the UK.

    The rant is endless… so I will end it here!


  • Kate F

    Boots – Boots for Broads do some exceptional boots and will custom make boots and incredibly reasonable prices, considering they're custom made.

    15 years ago Pendragon Shoes (don't know if they still do one-off jobs) hand made me a pair of thigh high boots. It wasn't cheap ($440 in 1994) but I wore them for years and eventually sold them 5 years ago to a very grateful person.

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