Promises, Promises – Today Tonight story on Fat Fashion in Australia

So you might remember that Today Tonight did a story last night on fat fashion within Australia, featuring an interview with moi! Well someone has kindly uploaded the video to youtube, so here I am in all my television glory.

By the way, it’s actually not all about me. They also talk to Fashion Hayley as well.

ETA: The youtube video was removed. Once I can get another version I’ll add it back in.

ETA ETA: Finally found one!

Promises, promises @ Yahoo! Video

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  • PerryAu

    Good on you Nick the story was good.
    BBW & BHM

  • Amber

    Great segment, and you did fantastic Nick! Thanks for posting it here so those of us in the U.S. can see it as well!

  • Jen Anderson

    Great piece! I wish the American media were so sympathetic to our cause.

  • Stephanie

    nice work, Nick! I have to admit that I'd be even more at a loss if I were looking through “big and tall” men's fashion. and while I like any news coverage featuring size acceptance, I like that this segment was specifically about fashion. :)

    Hayley also completely vindicated my horrible experiences trying to shop along Chapel St ahahaha

  • Kate

    Dam, if I had known they interviewed you I might have lowered my household ban on all things today tonight and a current affair

    and the video has been removed, dam again.

    Do you know of it being posted anywhere else?

  • violetrosetempleknight

    I thought I was the only one who banned the two “perpetual diet factory” shows!

  • audreydc1983

    Love the segment, Nick!
    You looked great, and sounded intelligent – I agree, it is discrimination.
    I love Beth Ditto's attitude (her clothing line is a bit….loud for my taste, but I have heard raves about it from my friends). She's well on her way to becoming a Fat Icon!

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