Run! Fatties in bikinis! The sky is falling!

A recent article in the Brisbane Times — Obesity (in the Beauty Beat section) was of the opinion that fatties shouldn’t be seen in bikinis. I assume a great deal of the commenters agree. I have trained myself not to read the comments on news articles because I don’t want to use up the despair for humanity section of my brain so early in the week.

The writer is saying fat should be camoflauged. I disagree vehemently. I am fat. How can that be ‘hidden’? Why should it be? Why should I have to minimise my body to fit in with bullshit beauty standards? Where is our sense of “decency”? I don’t think one should ascribe morals to a person’s body.

So, this is a call-out. A protest. If you’re fat and own a bikini, I want to see you in it. I want to see you flaut your sense of “decency”, I want you to show that body you should be so “ashamed” of.

ETA: Go Corpulent! Frances has kindly allowed me to use her photos in this post. Awesome bikini and awesome post.

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  • Frances

    I wore my bikini on the weekend! I have rolls on my back, my belly sticks out and I have stretchmarks on the lower half of my stomach (actually, my belly sticks out so much that I didn’t even know I had stretchmarks under my paunch until the Boyfriend pointed them out). My bikini is BRIGHT – multicoloured stripes all over it. I will not limit myself or my cossie to a boring, black one piece.

    Rest assured that, once I get a bit of a tan, I will post a picture of myself in my bikini on my blog.

  • Sonya

    Yay! I look forward to it!

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck do you camouflage fat? If you could just tuck it away somewhere out of sight, everyone would be doing it, and the weight loss industry wouldn’t exist.

  • Sonya

    Why, it must be by making sure you are fully clothed at all times! Even in the shower! Lest someone walk by and see your unsightly body and are totally SCANDALISED.

  • Kirsten

    Oh yeah I totally get this concept. I mean consider that fat, and especially a fat body, is:
    atrocious, foul, horrid, nasty, nauseating, offensive, repellent, repulsive, revolting, sickening, ugly, vile, abhorrent, abominable, contemptible, despicable, despisable, detestable, filthy, foul, loathsome, nasty, nefarious, obnoxious, odious, repugnant, vile, wretched, gross, disgusting, bad, awful, horrible
    –have I missed any “superlatives”?–
    and that all fat people and their supporters are clearly:
    stupid, dumb, ignorant, lazy, slothful, smelly, dirty, sloppy, uneducated, moronic, imbecilic, gormless, thoughtless, careless, worthless, useless, pointless,
    –have I missed any in THIS category?–

    I think the point of the article is to point out that we (fat people) should be more considerate towards thin people….because we offend them.
    After 38 years, I still haven’t figured out how to do this. Somebody let me know when you work it out, because I pretty much give up.

    You know…I’d wear a bikini, but quite frankly? I find them loathesomely uncomfortable.

  • Kirsten

    and I’m sorry, but what grown woman uses the word “tummy”? what–are we 5 years old? Pathetic. I surmise that she has the IQ of a turnip. tummy! For crying out loud.

  • Lilacsigil

    I suspect that she’s policing women who deviate very slightly from AMAZINGLY TONED AND MAGAZINE WORTHY! Judging from the picture with the article, anyway. You know, the women who are *so nearly* worthy of respect (and yes, I think that’s a nasty trickle-down war waged on thin and average woman). She’s not actually FAT women who can’t be camoflaged by anything short of an even fatter woman. Obviously, they wouldn’t dare be on the beach!

  • Sonya

    I don’t think you’ve missed anything! Perhaps … nope, you got ‘em all.

    Myself, I rather dislike bikinis, but I feel like going out and buying one out of some (probably childish) sense of spite. Honestly, how else can you deal with this sort of ridiculousness besides sarcasm!

  • Sonya

    Heavens forfend! Other body types are on the beach! Some people don’t care what other people think of their bodies! What a fascinating concept! Ugh ugh ugh.

    “You know, the women who are *so nearly* worthy of respect (and yes, I think that’s a nasty trickle-down war waged on thin and average woman). ”
    You know, this is an interesting comment. I completely agree with you. It’s like this school of thought comes across as, “You bad person. If only you were a few kgs smaller, if only you tried harder, you don’t have that long to go! You can be a good person! But, oh, THOSE fat people, what’s the point? Might as well just give up on ‘em, hey?”

    If that makes any sense at all? Hmm. Something I’d like to flesh out a bit more (lol, flesh).

  • Anonymous

    That article is incredibly offensive. I look forward to the bikini pics here.

    By the way, fat shame works. I haven’t been able to wear a bikini since my early teens because my body wasn’t good enough (these feelings of inadequacy started when I hit puberty, and p.s., I was slim then – I’m not now. Shame is still the same). In fact many times I’ve elected not to do something fun at all. So I guess sometimes the haters win! Except, shit, I still exist and stuff. Sorry about that.

    I look forward to seeing pictures. Kudos to all who get out there and be IN their body.

  • mini

    I got two bikinis and even if it’s tough to bear people’s horrified glares, I wear them, to show that I have the right to do so, and my body is normal.

  • Sonya

    Oh, I completely agree. I don’t even like bikinis, but I think a great deal of that is internalised shame (and, obviously perceived externalised — as this article, I guess, PROVES). There are definitely still times when I’m self-conscious and unhappy. I’m hoping my anger and bolstered sense of self-esteem that comes from surrounding myself with body positive people helps immensely this summer and I am confident enough to wear my swimwear OUTSIDE of the house.

  • Sonya

    Good on you! I’m proud. It can be so tough to notice haters, yet still keep doing what you’re doing. Kudos.

  • Anonymous

    Sonya, that is just great. And I know from personal and anecdotal experience that surrounding oneself with body-positive people (IRL and online) actually can help so many people. Thanks for being part of the awesomeness.

  • Bronny Zigmond

    this makes me want to buy a bikini. i think i will, and i will definitely wear it and take some photos of me flaunting my fat out in public and look babein’ while doing it.

  • Sonya

    YES. Do it!

  • Ankrhe


    Wearing a bikini is super hard for me. Earlier in the year I set a bunch of challenges for myself – one was to wear a bikini on the beach. I went to a friends relaitvely dead beach, with two friends who have always thought I’m beautiful. And it was still crazy hard.

    I’m going to have a body confidence day at my pool, and invite all my friends to come and wear bikinis. We’re going to DO THIS.

    Incidentally, the whole “I don’t find that persons body attractive so that should cover up” is so weird. I don’t find visible ribs attractive, but that doesn’t mean it causes me physical harm to see them. I also don’t find back hair, large tattoos featuring naked women, and beards attractive, but I could not care less if people have them. Whatevs! We’re all different, yay!

  • Sonya

    Yay, good for you! And seriously — we can’t help who we are or aren’t attracted to, but just because we’re not attracted to a certain type/body/sex etc does not mean that that person is automatically disgusting or should cover themselves when out in public. After all, they don’t owe us attractiveness!

  • pearkar

    I have a picture for you, how do I add it?

  • Sonya

    You can email it! Use our contact form at the left hand side of the screen.

  • Beclove22

    I can’t believe someone would even waste their time even writing that shit. I get offended at women with their tits hanging out and walking around in public wearing ass curtains and objectifying themselves, but ultimately it’s their choice and I’ll be damned if I am going to waste my time writing a newspaper article on it. Is this person even a qualified journalist? Are we all so fucking stupid that this is the most riveting discussion topic of the week? seriously the people on that site must have tiny IQs to bother wasting their time criticizing people they don’t even know. I don’t get the body hate, I just don’t. There are more pressing problems in the world than fat people at the beach. That journalist and all the haters that commented need a goddamn life!

  • justlaughandgetitoverwith

    im 200 pounds, i guess im not morbidly obese, but my tummy dose hang down alittle,im only 15 and alredy i know that dare i ware a bikini some girl is going to point at smirk, probaly to a guy, though i have suprised a few people, most say i look 140-165 pounds, then they here this 200, and there opinion of me changes funny funny, i might try a bikini this year”might”,, this is a very old topic

  • Rebeccafyi10

    im the exact same as you!… but I really do care what people think of me:/… I’m 200 pounds as well and I’m 15 but I also have really really toned and muscular legs and arms from softball… to bad I have a bulgy belly and love handles… I might just think of grabbing a two pieces this year:)… and not one that hangs down in the front:)

  • Alice

    Hey, so I just found this post even though its literally years after the posting, but it really helped me out. My main sports team folded, so my exercise went down and I gained some weight, but I dug out my bikini and I’m going to wear it tomorrow. Many thanks. <3

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