Erin Marie

Baby steps as a fatshionista

I had a very exciting day yesterday.  Not only was I the MC at the wedding of an old high school friend, but I took my first tentative steps into the world of fatshion!

Back in July I bought an amazing blue pleated dress from City Chic with the intent of wearing it to the wedding, but back then I kind of just planned to do my usual thing of wearing the dress with whatever black accessories I could scrounge from my wardrobe.  Over the past few months though I’ve been inspired by so many amazing fatshionistas that I decided to go all out and really rock it!  This was the result!  (Sorry about the dodgy photos but I was home alone armed with nothing but my laptop and iPhone, and being quite busy on the day with MC duties, didn’t get any other good full length shots.)

Blue poppy: Tempest Ahoy at Etsy - $10.00 (attached to my own black headband).

Earrings & Necklace: Diva – $15.00. Extender chain for necklace, $3.00.

Dress: City Chic – $149.00.

Bolero Jacket: Crossroads. I’ve had this for so long I can’t remember how much it was.

Shoes: Diana Ferrari. On sale at DFO for $79.00 (and paid for by my lovely BF!)

Purse:  Birthday gift from a friend.

The purse was the inspiration for contrasting colours for the outfit.  As soon as I opened the wrapping paper on my birthday I was like ‘this will be perfect with the dress!’  After that, it was a matter of sourcing the right shoes and accessories!

Do you know what I loved most about this outfit?  The fact that, despite all the hours I put into planning and shopping and thinking about how I was going to make a statement for the fatties of the world – how we can all look beautiful and fashionable – on the day of the wedding, I didn’t think once about the fact that I was fat.  Not once when I was complimented on the dress did I think to myself ‘Not bad for a fatty, right?’.  I didn’t once worry about double chins or my flabby arms or my butt that sticks out to high heaven.  The whole day I felt amazing.

Lillian over at My Unacceptable Body had this to say about her recent Moment of Divine Fatshion:

Clothes can be magical, not because they can transform you into someone else, but because they can vibrate harmoniously with who you really are, enhancing and amplifying your you-ness.  And although we can’t realistically live our whole lives in perfect fabulousness of dress, we all deserve a regular dose of allowing our outsides to look as we are inside: comfortably and effortlessly beautiful.

That’s how I felt in my blue dress yesterday, and how I aspire to feel all the time.  Or at least most of the time.

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  • Frances

    You look beautiful! I love the red accessories and slick of lipstick against the blue of the dress. For a fatshion newbie, you are a natural!

  • Notblueatall

    You are lovely and amazing! I love the red accessories!

  • Omega

    Ooh, combining ruby with the blue was a stroke of fashion genius, you look lovely! :)

  • Anonymous

    Erin! You are so beautiful. I wish I could pull off those strong reds (jealous!) :)

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