Erin Marie

I am your mother

(This post mentions sexual abuse, eating disorders and other sensitive subjects that some people may find triggering.)

Wait. Stop. Think. Before you make that comment about fat people, think about who you’re saying it to.

I am your mother, who gained 20kgs in pregnancy and never lost it. I am your father, who sat 20 years behind a desk so that you had food and clothes and education.

I am your sister, who was sexually abused as a child and uses her fat as a cushion to protect her from the world. I am your brother with a metabolic condition which means I am unable to process food normally.

I am your friend who grew up in an impoverished family and was forced to eat unhealthy, processed foods, or not eat at all. I am your neighbour who eats and exercises just like you, but who can’t manage to shift the weight.

I am your colleague, who was bulimic as a teenager, and has worked 10 years to fix their relationship with food.

I am your daughter, who just wants your acceptance and love, no matter my shape. I am your son who cries himself to sleep because the world hates him.

I am the possibility of who you could have been, had life given you a different path.

Now, what was it you wanted to say?

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  • Jenna

    so simple the message. so powerful. thank you.

  • MamaCarrieMakes

    Wait. Stop. Think.
    If only those three steps could be taken by all before speaking to others. Well said.

  • Beclove22

    amazing Erin, just amazing!

  • Erin Marie

    Anyone know how I can send this to Maura Kelly? ;)

  • Tima888

    this is great, thank you for sharing.I translated it into Arabic, please let me know if you would like a copy.

  • Welshwmn3

    This should be required reading for everybody in the world. Thank you.

  • Sar

    This was really moving. Thank you for a different perspective.


  • Grrr


  • Labrys

    Thank you! Well said! But alas, waiting, stopping, and (gods forfend!) thinking seem to have all been declared (1) old fashioned, (2) un-American.

    All of this is why I will never be a pacifist.

  • Anonymous

    This is beautiful. Absolutely perfect.

  • Apple M

  • Apple M

    ♥ whoops – double’d the post – but two hearts to you anyway =)

  • Anonymous

    I’m bookmarking this to show people when I need to make a point. A very powerful post, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    This was really wonderful to read. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Short and bittersweet… thanks so much for writing this.

  • FJ

    Thank you for this, I am moved to tears.

  • Anonymous

    Yes please! If you could email it to kirsty [dot] oneill [at] gmail [dot] com I’d appreciate it :)

  • Teressa

    Powerful. Wow. (found this via link from Shakesville). Thank you for posting this.

  • Gillebro

    Is it OK that I felt that to be like poetry?

  • Gillebro

    Is it OK that I felt that to be like poetry?

  • Erin Marie

    Absolutely. :)

  • AnotherFatPrincess

    I just stumbled across your blog and this post in particular and wanted to say how much I just loved this piece. Beautifully done.

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