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Not too long ago, Natalie and I were discussing on Twitter an outfit that I thought would work, and Natalie thought it sounded like a superhero costume.  I offhandedly threw in the name Fatterina and that her superpower was not giving a shit about what people said about what she wears.  It was all very tongue in cheek, but when I lamented not being able to draw Fatterina, Natalie suggested I blog about her.  Once I started thinking about this whimsical character, I also really started thinking about who Fatterina is, and what she would do.

Sometimes I wish I was a superhero who could fly around the world and assist fatties in need.  Fatterina would do that for me.  I mean, she is me.  Even though it’s pronounced to rhyme with ballerina, Fatterina is, in essence, fatt-Erin-a.  Even the name is a bit facetious, because I desperately wanted to do ballet as a child, but my mum (I think in order to prevent me from being teased) wouldn’t allow it.

Fatterina doesn’t care about what the world says about her body.  She understands that her body is her own and no-one has the right to pass judgement on it except her.  She also stands up for her fellow fatties – especially those who aren’t yet ready to stand up for themselves.

Standing tall and proud, she tosses her hair back, one go-go booted foot forward, hands on her hips.  Long and curly, the mid-brown locks are held off her face with a gold Wonderwoman-esque headband.  The gemstone embedded in the middle is pink, and pulsates with energy.

Her costume is a confection of gold and hot pink lycra – the plunging neckline over her voluptuous breasts is golden, fitting tight to her Ruebanesque body like a bathing suit.  Down the sides however, are hot pink panels which complement perfectly the organza tutu of many shades of pink overlaying the tight fitted costume.

Ten centimetre gold cuffs can be found at her wrists, each with pink stones which she can use to focus her laser sharp intelligence and wit to shoot retorts that leave her critics gasping for breath.

In the centre of her chest is emblazoned the letter “F”, looking as though it is made from some kind of hot pink jewel.  It too pulsates with energy, seeming to come to life with every empowering breath Fatterina takes.  Flowing behind her is her superhero cape – gold on the top and pink underneath – perfect for any occasion where she may need to create an outfit out of nothing.

Her gold go-go boots have a sensible heel to ensure that Fatterina can run to the aid of any fatty beset by trolls or naysayers as fast as she can.

Fatterina could teach us all a thing or two about confidence, owning our bodies and loving ourselves.  Most of all, she believes everyone is deserving of dignity, respect and love, no matter their shape or size.

No if only I can let her out more often … and find myself a really rocking tutu!

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  • Quisp

    This makes me think of the plump ballerina ornament that hangs from my ceiling – sorry for the low-quality photo, best I could do quickly!

  • Beclove22

    Forever 21+ has some amazing tutus! I got the navy jewelled one, it’s my Princess Sparkle tutu and I wear it around when I’m feeling like I need a pick me up

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