My Heart Shakes the Ground Greater

There was a time when

love was rare for me because

I thought love to be like starlight unable to

penetrate all my fat

Superman had nothing on these rolls

even kryptonite could not sink past

the layer of loath and into my

red beating soul, actually a bird on the wing

breathless from the flight and looking for somewhere to

land and be still

There was a time when

maybe some boy liked me but I ran past him fearing

more hateful words I believed them when they said the ground shook

when I fell, my mass, able to realign gravity, when rocks were

thrown at me I believed concern was reserved for

the dainty and small

I was the schoolyard Orca

thick enough to take the abuse, I spent every day alone on the expansive

playground singing to gulls and listening

to wind bending grass. Inside me gentle I heard things they did not

There was a time when I could not touch

my body it didn’t exist and I wore the hell out of that

fuschia sweater 3 sizes too big I thought it hid until

a high school teacher asked me (and it usually only takes one) why dont

you ever smile, Jenna?

There was a time my lips cracked but I

smiled and never stopped from that time and so

when I walk I don’t

look at the sidewalk anymore. I meet eyes cause

they burned all the fear off already once the boiling

point: impurities rarefy leaving steel cause nothing can

do what has not already been done. And I am still here.

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