My health at my size

When my asthma is out of control I need to go on steroidal treatment (which is most often prednisone). Streoids tend to make me, for want of a better word, puffy. I gain weigh in my trunk which is a common side effect of prednisone. Abdominal weight gain is a common side effect of prednisone. I also have to accept other side effects of my treatment as cost of being able to breathe easily.

For me the relationship between health and weight is not linear or causal. My weight (or at least size) tends to fluctuate with my health but I have decided that I will focus on the directly controllable parts of asthma management;
- regular exercise
- avoiding the allergens I can (ie cigarette smoke)
- flu vaccinations
- healthy diet (in the sense of avoiding my allergens)
- appropriate asthma medications

Within my plan I need to accept some things are not directly controllable. I cannot control when pollens bloom, when I catch various respiratory viruses, or when bushfires occur,.

There are plenty of resources that suggest there is a relationship between obesity and asthma. And yet, for me I’m divorcing the issues. My health is not my thighs. My health is not pants size. My health is being able to breathe and laugh and live my life.

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  • thunderbear

    So, losing weight would help you asthma and improve your quality of life, but you would choose not to because you see it as inherently a form of self hatred? Welcome to militant fat acceptance.

  • David

    Where did Becca say that she’s choosing not to lose weight because she sees it as a form of self hatred? She simply said that she’s changing the focus of her response to her asthma from one on weight loss, to one of doing what she can to improve her health.

  • Becca

    Thanks David. I was going for a response of “don’t feed the troll” ;) , but yes. I control what I can control and don’t beat myself up about weight, especially as taking the meds I need does require some acceptance of (potential) weight gain.

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