Love and other cat-astrophes

I have been thinking about love recently. I am coming up for my tenth anniversary with my husband (awww) and still in awe of how I got such a great guy. He is cute, funny, a great father, and an awesome partner in all regards. We are truly better together than apart and I feel quite lucky to have him.

I was talking with a dear friend recently, and we discussed the concept of fat love. It’s been kicking around the blogsphere recently with the Ashley Madison/Juicy Jacquelin add, and the idea that fat people don’t really warrant loving. Or intimacy. And where there is love with fat people, it tends to be two fat people in love. Which is cool. Love is cool. But equally, it would be weird for the only images we see of racial love to be white with white, asian with asian, black with black love. Anyway, we came up with the term “bi-fattual” to describe relationships where one person is skinnier than the other, or fatter, or however you want to draw the reference line. And that’s me and my hubby. He is at least 10 kgs lighter than me. It’s Ok. Because relationships that last years (and decades!) are not about looks. Because how many 80 years old look at a partner of 60 years and see the person they married. We change. The flesh suit is malleable. Relationships are about personality and connection. And we can get there regardless of size.

This the card I got my husband (by Adorbs, no?

Love me the way I am by able and game

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