Jen’s take on Online Dating (While Fat).

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  • Js

    I really don’t want to be negative here, but I’ve had a much less fruitful experience with online dating, and I suspect that it may be because I’m significantly fatter than Jen, especially in the face.  So, advice about giving many guys a chance, etc., isn’t so helpful for those of us who are very, very rarely contacted online. 

    In fact, it’s a little distressing to read advice here, in the fatosphere, that’s as far from the realities of my experience as anything in a mainstream women’s mag.

    That’s not your fault, Jen.  You’re telling us your experience and I validate that.  But, wow… it’s sure not mine.

  • Fat Vegan Commie

    every online date was crappy (when i was thin, when i was fat) until i met that one guy that i married (when i was fat)

  • Heather Kolaya-Spealman

    Great video- I absolutely agree. I’ve never had much luck with online dating, but I’ve also never had terrible experiences. I post full body photos, I mention multiple times that I’m fat, I have pictures with no makeup, with makeup, laughing and making a funny face- whatever 

  • David

     It seems that it’s one of those things where individual experiences may vary greatly, based on any number of factors. This certainly doesn’t reflect my own experiences either, but I’m working with a different pool of people based on sex, sexuality, location, interests, tolerances (lol)…

    The unfortunate thing about that, of course, is that there’s always the possibility that you’re going to be sitting there thinking exactly what you did: wow, that is NOT my experience. And, yeah, it does suck to be in that position.

    Have you found something that’s worked for you that hasn’t been mentioned, or is online dating just off your radar?

  • David

    I now have a shout out on youtube and I am pretty sure that makes me internet famous. Woo! :D

    Thank you for the response, Jen!

  • Yaya

      Must say I found this video quite interesting and also extremely accurate! I recently found myself

    using an online meeting app last month. I found that people were using outdated photo’s and there
    were many men I didn’t find appealing at all. I tried to remain “humble” and reply to even the ones who

    weren’t so hot! My advise is remain open because we ALL HAVE FLAWS. It’s not always about looks

    because they will fade. Find the Genuine cliche “Diamond in the ruff”. They are out there I promise. I

    found and meet up with some really cool people. Nice web video! VERY TRUE!!

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