Cyber Monday

Recently, Axis of Fat was contacted by Cortney, from Shop Translated. She has generously offered Axis readers a discount (and a great deal of clothing is already on sale! So that’s like, double plus discount!) of 25% when they enter the code: axisoffat25 from December 1st.

She has also offered readers the chance to win two items of clothing of their choice in their size from the range (excluding the New Arrivals – INES products). So leave a comment telling us why you think you should win. Competition closes 14th December.

Consumers assemble! Aaaaaaand go!

Errr, from the 1st of December that is.


Competition Details

Leave a comment telling why you think you should win. The best comment will be chosen by the administrators of Axis of Fat to win two items of clothing from the Shop Translated store. Does not include their “New Arrivals – INES products”.

Comments must be left on this post to be eligible to win.

Entries close at 11:59pm AEST (13:59pm UTC) on 14th December. Judges decision is final.


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  • frankensteinsbride1313

    Sweet giveaway!

  • Lushorama

    A very generous prize!!
    I'm currently off work on unpaid-sick leave, and will be for another month or so, and things are getting pretty tight financially-wise. To win such a great prize at this time of year would just be marvellous….!!!!

    Great blog, I read you a lot

  • Limor

    I'd love to win. I think that I should win because the only clothing items that I've purchased for myself in almost a year are socks. I pledged to either make all of my own clothes or only buy used (Wardrobe Refashion) and it would be really nice to have something new.

  • metrosarah

    Oh my Maude, those dresses have sleeves! My search is over now and I feel like I have found the hidden treasure I have been googling for years to find.
    I love my body, and even my arms but tend to feel naked without my pits covered. These clothes not only fulfil my coverage needs but are beautifully designed to show off my beautiful fat body in all its glory.

  • JLopezCostume

    I should win because I don't own anything from that store. The end.

  • emilylzbth

    I should win because I've seen Joy Nash rocking these cute clothes over at Fatshionista FOR AGES and I have been dying to get my hands on this dress ( )! I would buy it myself, but my full time student status and part time, minimum wage job working in a boutique don't allow me the extra funds. I need such a cute dress so I can wear it to work and feel just as cute as my smaller co-workers, who get to take full advantage of our employee discount on stuff that actually fits them. Also, so I can post bad ass outfit of the days to Fatshionista! :D

  • CMMontg

    This is an amazing giveaway! I think I should win because I haven't purchased any new clothing items all year. Earlier this year I got sick and had to stop working. Since then, I've been pinching pennies in order to pay my bills and unable to do any shopping. Now that I'm getting healthier and back on my feet, a couple new items would really make me happy.

  • shristisoftech

    This blog is very popular and Your services are also
    very efficient for all of us and you can also visit
    all kind of clothes available.

  • amplecurves

    I would like to win because over the past year I have been fundamentally changing the way I see myself; for the first time in my life (even though I'm at the largest I've ever been), I'm beginning to also believe that I am gorgeous. To actually *believe* it, to actually be able to look in a mirror and see beauty in the curves rather than wrapping myself in the accustomed shame/disgust. I am gorgeous no matter what I wear, but there is something that feels very special about putting on clothes that bring out my beauty–it's a new, exciting, joyful feeling. Unfortunately, I am currently oh-so-unemployed (nor for lack of trying!) so am on quite a tight budget, so would greatly appreciate a gift such as this! Thank you. :)

  • Lauren

    theyre clothes are stunning and if i dont win thank you for introducing me to another site that isnt the same stuff again and again!!! as with the other people here i have had a rough year im sure you dont need to be bored with the details but this would really put a positive spin on the last of the year!
    lets drink to next year (and decade) being a better one for all us girls xoxo

  • jessicaNY

    i am finally starting to feel comfortable in my own skin, with a lot of help from websites such as axis of fat, and i would love to have clothes to reflect that! i am currently a graduate student in psychology working full time in the field but not getting paid for it (since it's considered a training experience) and the little money i have saved goes to help care for my terminally ill parents, so i don't have the funds to spend money on myself. although i don't have a lot of money, i still feel rich because of all of the other things i've been afforded – a wonderful family, supportive friends and boyfriend, and the opportunity to become educated and help others feel great about themselves. that being said, it would still be wonderful to have a few new outfits that i can be confident and really shine in!

  • hollylovespaul

    Growing up, I was always put down for being tall and curvy and not 'model skinny' like all of my cousins. I had serious body image issues while in college and began to feel as if I was unlovable because of my size. It was not until I started to see blogs like this by REAL girls with REAL curves that I started to realize that fat could equal sexy – other people would view me the way that I viewed MYSELF! It has been a long process for me to learn to love my size but I have made huge strides. I met a guy on the internet and we talked back and forth for a while. Before my transformation, I would never have had the confidence to meet him, but now I decided 'what the heck. I'll give it a shot.' He has turned out to be the most amazing man – and he loves me for who I am, which in itself is a wonderful gift. He is a soldier in the U.S. Army, and will be deploying to Afghanistan (for the third time) for 15 months at the beginning of the year. I would love to have a new outfit to wear for our 'last date' together for over a year! He loves my curves and I want to show them off just for him!

  • skinnyemmie

    Wow, awesome giveaway!
    I think I should win because I just started a new job and am in desperate need for new clothes, especially that I just lost 50 pounds and can now actually fit into some of these things (started out at a size 34, so unfortunately nothing from the site would have fit!).

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