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Amber Riley in City Chic


Fresh out of my inbox, City Chic are bragging about Amber Riley of Glee wearing their clothes. City Chic is one of the only youthful plus size fashion labels in Australia, and while many of us groan about the prices and the quality, I’ve discovered that a lot of American fatshionistas can’t get enough of the brand, including the fantastic Ms. Riley! 

I’ve got to say, I love the dress she’s wearing in this photograph. City Chic have brought in a lot of florals this season and when I went to the Chermside store last week I was quite impressed with the range. The sizing is still all over the place unfortunately, and that’s a shame because I was almost about to drop some money on some dresses but I held back because of fit issues that couldn’t be solved by switching down a size. (For the record, the only fit issue I usually have is with pant length!)

Just for a second, can I gripe about City Chic’s usage of social media for marketing? They invite us to become friends on facebook, but their page is an actual personal profile instead of a “Page” which means I have to wait until they approve me as a friend before I can see extra info they’ve put on their profile. I was hoping to grab some photos of Amber Riley to pimp in this entry, but I can’t find any except for the tiny ones used in the email blast. 

So uh, City Chic – I’m a fashion forward fatshionista who knows how to use social media. We should talk. But in the meanwhile, give bloggers some material so they can give you [free] press! I’ve been wearing the label since you started (oh, remember Big City Chic!?) and a lot of Australian bloggers, despite being critical, will probably be more than happy to give a homegrown brand a leg up. 

Apparently it’s Cyber Monday in the US today, a thing I had never even heard about before Shop Translated approached us for the giveaway (enter here!) I wonder if Australian online retailers will jump on the November sales bandwagon in years to come? 

My outfits, let me show you them

I really want to get into some kind of habit of posting “outfit of the day” (OOTD) shots. First though, I think I need to catch you up on what I like to wear. I don’t like wearing polyester-chiffon, see-through blouses, or anything stretchy simply for the sake of hiding my body; I do like simple lines and layering, textures and surfaces, prints and colours. For me, fashion is joyful and expressive and I like to be able to dress for the occasion and reflect my feelings about the day or night ahead in what I’m wearing. Sometimes I can be conservative, but a lot of the time I just like to have fun. Depending on the brand, I range from AU size 20-24; in my overseas sizing experience I can be a US 22-26 and UK 24-26. My belly sticks out – I often say that I’m more frontal than I am “sidal”, and as a result I think I do try to find clothes that don’t draw attention to my belly. In the past I have been asked by strangers if I am pregnant (to which I answer “no I’m just fat”). I tend to either wear tops that sit at the top of my thighs, or skirts and belts at my natural waist – which is quite high.

I’m hoping to post at least weekly recaps of my outfits, but consider this a little retrospective of my favourite (photographed!) outfits of the last few months.

Tap dance teacher outfit

Top: City Chic (back when it was Big City Chic, ooaah)
Belt: City Chic
Skirt: $2 at the Valley Markets in 2002
Shoes: Softspots (so comfy!) via
Rad sparkly guitar brooch: mother in law


Fairly casual

Cardigan: Kmart
Shirt: Target (has cute neckline + tiny collar!)
Jeans: 1626 (now Autograph)
Shoes: Novo
Bag: Sachi (Myer brand)
Scarf: crocheted for me by my Mother-in-law
Hair: needing styling but I couldn’t be bothered


I'm so 80s I poop shoulder pads

Dress and belt: Yours Clothing
Awesome wet-look tights: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Novo
Scissor fingers: Jazz dancing lessons in my youth


WATCH OUT! It's the Axis of Fat

Top: Bonds
Dress: Evans
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Softspots


Parisian schoolboy?

Shirt: Target (a men’s shirt that doesn’t fit my husband)
Vest: Yours Clothing
Jeans: Smile Land (Japanese brand – Zoe bought these for me when she was over there)
Cardigan: Target
Hat: Crocheted by me!
Shoes: Evans
Glasses: Giant Vintage

I have quite a few new clothes from Yours Clothing and Evans (including THE domino dress!) and quite a few places to wear them in the next few weeks, so I am reminding myself to be diligent in outfit photoing so I can report back to the Axis!

Tell me about your fashion style in the comments!

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