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FATsion – sometimes it’s about covering your butt

A lot of the FATsion articles I see have really gorgeous dresses and skirts. The kind of retro cool clothing I wear in my head with swooshy skirts and cool fabrics. But it my life I am either in the office in a reasonable corporate environment, or in my other job I am looking after my kids and I wear the unofficial uniform of the stay-at-home mother which is a nice-ish pair of jeans and a top. I spend a lot of the day either giving chase to runaway toddlers, crawling across playgrounds doing my best impersonation of lions or leaning down to wipe down most noticeable dirt. By elimination I have discovered that most of the somewhat stylish jeans in my size either assume a waist that I do not have, or drift down to show significantly more of my body that I want to share with the playground crowd. (Or indeed anyone who is not a medical professional or related to me).

There are some gorgeous plus size brands out there include SVOBODA and Embody, but I’m a little worried about paying $150+ for something I haven’t tried on and potentially could make me look like a toadstool. My current favourite pair is Lee “Slender Secret” jeans. They come in plus sizes to a 24W in my favourite style (and up to 30W in some others). I am a ~18-20 at the moment and wear the 16W. They have a waist band that is much higher in the back than the front and avoid both muffin top and sit a good 12cm higher than my target jeans. They have a range of leg cuts and colours, and the sale price sits around $US30. I tend to order from JCPenny who are usually good for a 20% off discount on This means I pay about $40 with postage for a decent, flattering, long wearing, and ass covering pair of jeans. I’m not convinced they have a slender secret by any means but they get points for not riding southwards easily…

So what’s your favourite pair of jeans? Any tips on local Australian retailers with decent jeans under $150 – please leave me a comment below. I live in jeans!

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