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Swimmers (yeah, have you got your SWIMSUIT BODY)

Its that time of year where all the magazines seem to have articles about swimsuits for every size. But, seriously, it’s swimsuits for every size up to size 16. It seems like the actual outfit of anyone of a larger size at my local pool is a one piece with a pair of boardshorts with a one piece swimsuits.

My choice was a polka dot swimmers from Kmart. They look very much like this this pair from asos but go up to a size 18 and cost $19.

If you are a bit shyer about your thighs and just want a splash around this is nice and goes up to a size 30 – available from

For some Aussie brand Sue Rice are cute and go up to size 24. Yet, the corset fit kind of worries me. RELAX in your swimmers. BREATHE.

This is my current lemming from Kiyonna, a convertible swimsuit. I want this so bad for summer. Its available in a few colours, up to size 32 and $140 ish. Num num num.

So, yes. You have your swim suit body. It’s your body. Dunk it. Cool down. Enjoy yourself and be in your body rather than outside judging.

Oh and the final option, in the privacy of your own home or appropriate zoned swimming area is chunky dunking (thats skinny dipping for fats :) )

Swim time!

Yesterday, myself, Zoe, Natalie, Nick and various others went on a boat for Nick’s birthday celebrations. It was a lovely day, filled with swimming in slightly sludgy, salty water, a bbq, alcohol and dramas involving us scrambling back onto the boat after jumping off.

This day? Required swim wear.

Swim wear? Can be hard to find when you’re fat.

Ok, that’s probably a little bit of a lie. Cute swim wear, can be hard to find if you’re fat. There’s plenty of garishly printed swim skirts and black one pieces to be found if that’s what you’re in to.

So where did we find our cute swim wear?

For me, it was Kmart. A black and white polka dotted faux tankini with ruching and ties down the side. For Zoe it was Seafolly, a very cute bright blue, black and white printed one piece. Natalie, where was yours from? It was adorable! A zebra striped one piece in leopard print colours. A very confused animal, to be sure.

Target is usually my best choice for swim wear in all sizes. Kmart can be pretty decent too. Seafolly has certain brands that go up to G cups (very very rare though) and up to a size … 20, I think. For larger sizes, I think places like Big Girls Don’t Cry and All About Eve have some decent (if very pricy) swimwear. I know Myer and DJs also have plus sized swim wear (not usually all that cute though). Nick, places like, ugh Lowes, I guess are best for board shorts?

I’m still on the hunt for a leopard print one piece. Torrid had a really cute one, but there’s none left in my size now. Unique Vintage also had one, but it’s a little too expensive for me right now.

Know somewhere where I can get one? Or just another cute pair in general? Let me know!

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