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Promises, Promises – Today Tonight story on Fat Fashion in Australia

So you might remember that Today Tonight did a story last night on fat fashion within Australia, featuring an interview with moi! Well someone has kindly uploaded the video to youtube, so here I am in all my television glory.

By the way, it’s actually not all about me. They also talk to Fashion Hayley as well.

ETA: The youtube video was removed. Once I can get another version I’ll add it back in.

ETA ETA: Finally found one!

Promises, promises @ Yahoo! Video

Greetings television viewers

Hello, welcome Today Tonight viewers! We hope that you enjoyed tonight’s story on the show, and extend a warm welcome if you find yourself sized out of straight sized fashion. You’re not alone!

If you are keen to connect with Australians who are interested in size acceptance and fat activism, please leave a comment! We have a whole heap of posts on the site since starting it a few months ago, so have a browse so you can bring yourself up to speed.

Here at Axis of Fat, we do not tolerate hate speak and fat bashing. If you are tempted to do so anyway, please leave a comment so we can delete it and block your IP address. Fat people put up with this hurtful and unproductive discrimination on a daily basis, and this is a most ineffective method of delivering your nastiness.


Catch me tomorrow on Today Tonight

Hi guys,

I thought you all might like to know that I’ll be appearing tomorrow night on the Australian current affairs program Today Tonight. If you aren’t in Australia, I’m hoping to be able to link/embed a copy of the story once it has gone to air.

Otherwise, tune in at 6:30pm tomorrow night and check it out. I’d love to tell you more about the story, but I’m sworn to secrecy. Lets just say that I wouldn’t post it on this blog if it didn’t have something to do with the blog theme. ;)

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