First Episode of Ham Radio is HERE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first episode of Ham Radio, the new podcast from the Axis of Fat. With a uniquely Australasian perspective, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to be fat and fancy in Australia (and sometimes New Zealand depending on who’s on the show).

This week Zoe and I talk about Fat Fatshion for both Men and Women, including the current controversy with City Chic and Jibri.

Please drop us a line and let us know what you think. I’m sure that it will morph over the first few shows until we bed down exactly what it will sound like.

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  • [email protected] Milk

    Listening right now. Well done guys – I’m so happy about HAM!

  • lmh_melb

    Hey guys, just finished listening to this – (whilst putting off assignments) its great to have some more Aussie FA stuff happening online. I would love to hear/read more about fat happenings around the country, more specifically in Melbourne. I feel very alone in all of my FA thinking and its great to have an online community to tap into but it would also be great if there were more things happening on the ground.
    Zoe, I completely concur about the type/quality of City Chic clothes – I think they’ve gotten worse over the years too. I am totally jealous of your trip to NYC. I became aware of re/dress through the Queer Fat Femme blog and its been my Mecca ever since.
    Thanks again – for a great first Ham radio!

  • Marianne Kirby

    OH YAY SO EXCITED!!! <– I used multiple exclamation points so you KNOW it's true.

  • Lauren B

    That was ace! Thank you guys!

  • Marianne Kirby

    Now that I have managed to listen all the way to the very end – Zoe, I am so excited you’re going to be in NYC in November! I am definitely looking forward to meeting you.

  • Zoe

    Nick @replied me on twitter to tell me you’d commented, ‘cos I couldn’t access this from work, and I spun around in my chair with glee! I can’t wait to meet you as well.

  • Gabbi

    Hi just wanted to say I discovered and listened to your podcast today and it was FANTASTIC! I’m a Kiwi girl who really appreciated getting to hear some nearby voices talking sense and size acceptance. I am a newbie to the FA movement and blogosphere (stumbled on it just this year thanks to ‘Two whole Cakes: Fatcast’ – go Marianne and Lesley!), and while I can’t share the experience of the stigma faced from society when you are fat I do have my own intense personal hate for size-discrimination and the obesity/health/screwed-up-ideals that are throughout our culture and the effect it has on myself trying to recover from an eating disorder. I wanted to say a big thanks and your podcast really helped me get through the day. I will definitely keep listening and if you even need some Kiwi love you have loyalty fan already. :)

  • Gillebro

    Hey guys. Just finished listening to this, and thought it was great. I’m really excited about there being a podcast about fatness in Australia. I love Fatcast to death, but hearing about how things stand in Australia and being able to relate to the situation a bit more is pretty exciting. Great first podcast. Hoping to see more of them soon.

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