Meta Syndromes

Please stop telling me about your New Year’s Resolutions.  There is no pride in your shame

As if this conversation were about how you are lacking, how you think I might actually look on in

Approval when you tell me you have lost weight or going to or maybe how

Management scares you with Metabolic Syndrome and you should jump on board with their plan.

Cause I wanna teach you about how lovely you are. like

a kitten like a cloud at dawn like the rolling sea…are you gonna tell me those waves are too fat? The Moon too rounded? That boulder afflicted with too much lump?

Cause I won’t give you… approval for a maybe–someday you…  What.

Surprised? you get no smile. no head nod. no glib remark about lunch’s largesse…nu uh!

How DARE you believe yourself anything besides the Perfect Now-ness of You?

While you are busy with that madness. I whisper sweet dalliances to your body, a terrorist perhaps in your time of brainwashing but really I like to call myself

the freedom fighter for

your soul.

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  • MarilynWann

    This is beautiful!!! I’d love to repost on Tumblr, if cool with you.

  • Jenna

    sure! :)

  • Nina Scott-Stoddart

    Thank you so much for this. It’s making me cry right now, and I guess I needed to.

  • Jenna

    we cry when we hit deep truth. the truth being you are utterly precious and beautiful just the way you are right now.

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