It’s time for a change

Some of you may have noticed that the site was down for a while there. That wasn’t intentional – it seemed we were hacked. Hosting has been upgraded and secured and it will be moved across to new hosting soon. But it’s a sign of what I was coming here to talk about anyway.

For a while now, my focus on Axis of Fat has waned. I just don’t have time to manage things around here and the place needs a little bit of love and attention. It needs a new group of bloggers to take over the Australian fat landscape and do what this site was here for all along – provide a place for people to talk about body image, fat stigma and the like.

You’ll have seen for a while now that David has been the main poster around here. He has agreed to take over managing the site, and I think this means it will be in good hands. Things won’t change a lot in the short term but hopefully in the longer term this will provide this site some stability and love that it needs.

So with all that said, I bid you farewell, and ask you to be kind to David during the transition period.

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  • Hockeyallstar37

    Fat people are disgusting. If you don;t have the willpower to lose weight for yourself then at least do it so the rest of us don’t have to look at your fat asses. Or get stuck behind you in hallways

  • Rebecca

    fuck off and die, please. what is wrong with you that you have to seek out a safe space for a particular group of people and then go out of your way to spread hatred?

    seriously, fuck you. 

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