I made my first fat people art!

This whole past week I’ve had three children in the house- my son, my sister in law, and my nephew. In figuring out fun things to do with them we decided to break out the air-dry clay. I made a vase first. Yes, with all the skill of a 6th grader who was taking art class for the first time. Next I couldn’t figure out what to make so after a few moments of thought I decided on a fat person! Again, admittedly, it’s not that great, but it’s my first piece of fat people art so it’s proudly sitting in my office on a little shelf with my fat paper doll book. So here it is- my fat woman!

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  • Eselle

    Your fat lady is very cute!  She looks so very happy.  Art is meant to evoke emotion.  Your statuette makes me smile.  So there you go, a total win.   :)    I think you should make some more.

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