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Who here has heard of Velvet D’Amour? If you follow fatshion models she’s a pretty big name, mostly because of her catwalk work with Gaultier and Galliano (thanks Wikipedia!).

Source: Velvet D’Amour’s MySpace Page


Anyway, she’s a photographer as well as a model, and has some great philosophies about creating a more accessible and diverse ideal of beauty. To that end she’s created her own high fashion magazine named “Volup2″ (all issues of which you can read online for free here)

Source: Volup2 Magazine

I used to be a magazine hound when I was a teenager before I became more critical about the media I was consuming (and realised how it was affecting me). But I really enjoy this magazine because I’m obsessed with issues of representation for people who don’t fit the mainstream. I’ve read all three issues and thus far I’ve seen fat women, women of different shapes, men, many different ethnicities, different abilities, the tattooed and pierced, older women, trans people etc etc etc. I LOVE seeing high fashion like this. It’s so different from what is currently out there. And once I have proper disposable income I’d love to order print copies of these mags to have on my coffee table (note to self: buy coffee table).

Anyway, for me to be able to continue to enjoy this fine magazine I’d like to offer a signal boost for her Kickstarter campaign. Currently a lot of work is being done by volunteers, and I’d love to see what they’re capable of when they’re actually being paid to focus exclusively on what’s being produced. Also if you have over five grand to spare you can model in the magazine. Or buy me a coffee table. Whatever you like.

Check out the Kickstarter here.


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