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Come and join the Axis of Fat!

The Axis of Fat was started as a platform for Australians who wanted to get involved in the fat acceptance movement without having to have their own blog. Having multiple authors means that no one individual has to try and post on a regular basis. Instead, each member can post whenever the mood takes them or when an issue comes up that they feel really passionate about.

Since Axis started in July 2009, we have seen a number of people join the Axis and go on to publish their own blogs. It is great to see the different blogs that have come out of this, like Sonya’s Australian Fatshion blog and Zoe’s recently started Cutselvage.  Some have chosen to continue posting here and using this as their main platform to discuss fat acceptance, body image, fatshion and other topics and I think the Axis still has an important role to play in the Australian fat acceptance landscape.

It is now time though to put the call out to see if there are others would you like to become involved in the Axis. We need more active bloggers to take on the fight and continue the push of the fat acceptance movement in Australia.

This might seem like a daunting task, but by being apart of the Axis we hope that the pressure is reduced somewhat. You have the support and mentorship of the other members so that you can get help and advice with any posts you are writing or any situations that you want to mull over with like-minded people. It can allow you to have a voice, whilst not being the lone voice. It can be a great starting point if you want to dip your toe in the pool to see whether it is warm or not. Trust me, you’ll find it more inviting than you think.

Do you want to have a voice? Do you want to share your experiences with other people? Do you want to talk about topics such as fat acceptance, body image, plus size fatshion, the media and it’s relationship with fat and so on? Then we would love to hear from you.

The only rules are is that this is a body positive place with no fat shaming. And we want this to remain an Australian voice in the global fatosphere, so you need to be Australian. If you identify as Australian, whether by birth, residency, or just because you feel a connection with the place, then we would love to hear from you.

You don’t have to be a professional writer. Heck, I’m not the greatest writer in the world and I’m here! It’s about passion. It’s about wanting to express yourself however you manage to do that. It’s about wanting to have a voice and let people know what you think.

All you need to do is to go to our contact page and select from the drop-down “Interest in Axis Membership”. Tell us why you would like to blog on the Axis of Fat and any other relevant information. This isn’t some kind of formal process, so don’t expect 20 questions about your writing style. We just want to know who you are and why you think you’d like to be involved.

Even if you aren’t sure, drop us a line and ask us any questions you might have. Perhaps we can help calm any fears and help you on a path you never expected.

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